Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Théodore Pellerin Five Times

Apologies to the folks at Behind the Blinds magazine but I have been finding their whole interface a bit confusing -- there have been several photoshoots from their next issue I've posted about, or wanted to post about (all the photos of forthcoming Gossip Girl reboot actor Thomas Doherty have been via them) but they seemingly have like a dozen covers for the next issue, all of them hot young things, but I've only been able to find photos on each actor's Insta page? There's nowhere on their actual site to really link to. Like, Tom Mercier is one of them and he just shared a really hot snap on his disappearing Insta-stories (click that while it's hot) but I'd like to have a better quality shot to share, dammit. Anyway! One of these "cover" stars is our Central Florida twink Théodore Pellerin here, and Théo did indeed share these photos on his own Insta (oh and also the photographer's, in this instance), so I will share them here. Well after the jump, that is...

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