Friday, March 12, 2021

Ancient Phalluses of Doom

The latest psychedelic freak-out  folk-horror from director Ben Wheatley just got a poster (above) and a release date -- In the Earth will hit theaters on April 30th thanks to the folks at Neon. Who is Ben Wheatley, you ask? Ben Wheatley directed Kill List, Sightseers, A Field in England, High-rise, Free Fire, and the recent re-do of Rebecca. What is In the Earth, you ask? In the Earth is a pandemic-adjacent horror flick about some scientists stumbling upon some weirdness in some old British woods, and it played at Sundance last month, where I reviewed it, calling it, and I quote, "psychedelic freak-out  folk-horror." If I had to guess I'd guess that we'll be getting a trailer real soon, too. What's a trailer, you ask? Yo, did you assholes hit your heads or what? Go read a dictionary and let me be.

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