Tuesday, February 09, 2021

Tom Says Twunk Rights

The boy wonder is on the cover of this month's Esquire magazine, which includes a very fine photo-shoot which you'll see here of him trying to look like a grown-up (and sort of succeeding), as well as an interview where he tries to talk about grown-up things some, which you can read at this link. He's got a big boy moving coming out on Apple+ in a couple of weeks -- that'd be Cherry, which has him playing an ex-solider turned heroin addict and bank robber (based on this autobiographical book), and which I am stunned to realize I never shared the trailer for? Here:

The trailer. I watched Cherry last night, which is literally all I'm allowed to say -- I'm not even sure I'm supposed to say that? Anyway I saw it, I hope admitting that doesn't ruin my career or anything. (LOL "career.") Cherry will be out on March 12th. Anyway it's a grown-up role for the Spider-twink, and so the Esquire interview is all about him slipping his big-boy-pants over his little spider-legs...

... whoops look like he messed that part up. Ohh, Spider-twink. Will you ever learn? (PS thanks to the dozen people who made sure I saw that shot on Tom's Instagram last night -- you're the wind beneath my wings, yo.) Anyway this bit from the interview made me chuckle real something:

"After signing on to the film, he spent weeks preparing physically and mentally to inhabit the world of Cherry. Inspired by his Spider-Man: Far from Home costar and personal idol Jake Gyllenhaal, who has forced his body to change, sometimes significantly, from role to role, Holland cut twenty-eight pounds from his already-not-very-big five-eight frame to look as strung out as possible."

"Personal Idol" good grief. You won't bait me like that, Esquire magazine! I won't allow it. Okay enough rambling, let's get on to the damn photo-shoot! Hit the jump for the thing...

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bdog said...

He's such a good actor. I remember seeing 'The Impossible' and thinking what a great child actor he was. Hope 'Cherry' is good.