Friday, February 12, 2021

Good Morning, World

Hey everybody, how's it hanging? Listen, I still haven't gone back and finished the new TV adaptation of Stephen King's The Stand -- as explained a few weeks ago (when Alexander Skarsgard last showed his butt, funny enough) I was given screeners for the first six episodes before the series started, I watched the screeners, and then promptly forgot about the show entirely. (A good sign, that) So by the time CBS was airing the seventh episode some seven weeks after this I'd moved on. From what I understand the series has now finished its run, just this week -- if you watched the entire thing, tell me your thoughts in the comments! I suppose I'll try to watch them properly this weekend if I find the time, but before that I need to do my due diligence, by which I mean "spend an hour this morning staring at Alexander Skarsgard's butt moving back and forth and up and down in slow motion in order to make a series of gifs for you people to enjoy." The sacrifices!

Anyway it looks like they included King's book's ending this time? Lucky us! I hate that they went all Austin Powers with their coy penis framing -- you know Alex would give up the d, he has before. Oh well. Anyway I tried to take all of this out of context from the show as much as possible since spoilers and all, but you make sacrifices (there's that word again) when butts are involved. Butts trump all! Them's just the rules. Either way I've put everything you need after the jump, so you can decide for yourselves like adult people whether you want to worship him or not...

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FieldMedic said...

If only Jamey Sheridan had graced us with this shot in the 1994 version.