Wednesday, February 03, 2021

Good Morning, World

Like I said last night -- I'm back! Sundance is all but behind us (although I've got several more reviews to come), a passage nicely marked by the Golden Globe nominations happening this morning, I suppose. On that note you should head over to The Film Experience where our boy Nat has all the Globes info this morning. I'm just skimming through it myself since this shit always gets announced when I'm on the subway going to work. It's no surprise that Riz Ahmed here got nominated for Sound of Metal -- I don't know if he's got the Oscar win in the bag (are they gonna throw it at Chadwick?) but he's got every nomination there at least. Anyway! Let's get to going. And if you need a booster shot for the day like I did hit the jump to shoot some Riz right into your veins...

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