Friday, February 19, 2021

And Now We Go France-ward

Every year here in New York the finest sign that Spring is imminent for me has been the finding of myself awash in delicious French Movies, thanks to FLC's annual "Rendez-vous with French Cinema" series. But this year, thanks to our ongoing situation, cough cough, that delight goes national -- the series, running March 4th through 14th, is virtual and anybody from the lobster-pots of Maine to the scorpion-stingers of SoCal and everywhere in between, purple mountains majesty, can participate. 

I ran through some highlights from the 2021 edition last week, zooming in on two big handfuls of crush-worthy actors that're showing up in this year's batch of movies, in case you missed that, but today comes two new important news items -- one, tickets are now on sale! Buy them right here! And two, FLC has dropped us a trailer to get us in the mood. Ooh la la, oui oui et cetera. (I really should learn French.)

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Anonymous said...

could you watch lovers? Can we see some nudity of Pierre Niney in it?