Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Michelle Gonna Knock Us Out (Again)

A lovely little bit of movie-nerd news this Tuesday morning, as comes word that the actress (and queen) Michelle Williams will be re-teaming with the director (and queen) Kelly Reichardt for a new film! In their fourth collaboration together the two -- and we should've come up with a couple name for them by now... Reichiams? Willihardt? Melly? -- will be gifting us with a movie titled Showing Up, described thus:

"Reichardt’s latest film is a vibrant and sharply funny portrait of an artist on the verge of a career-changing exhibition. As she navigates family, friends, and colleagues in the lead up to her show, the chaos of life becomes the inspiration for great art."

No word on when this will be happening, but then there is no word on when anything, anything at all for anybody, will be happening, so we should just continue sitting in our rooms staring at the walls and today maybe dream a little about this movie happening somewhere eventually, down the road. That's called optimism! You should try it!


mrripley said...

How about Michelly.

Anonymous said...

Michelle Williams reminds me of a lot of artists and cool artworld people plus she dated Dustin Yellin so she'll have an insight there too not that she needs one she can create characters in her sleep. This concept in Reichartd's hands makes this news sooo exciting.