Thursday, January 07, 2021

Good Morning, World

GQ Mexico shared this photo last night which I had not seen before -- a half-naked and bestached Sean Connery getting his haircut on the beach? I'll share that! I'll share it in lieu of much else this morning -- a bunch of shit I was supposed to get done yesterday didn't get done yesterday because of... well, you know! Yesterday was a lot. A damn lot. Anyway I've absolutely got to get that delayed shit done this morning, so no blogging this morning. I'll be back later! Enjoy Sean until then!


Shawny said...

Nobody did it paraphrase Carly’s song about him.

Anonymous said...

Can we do a list of the hottest hairy daddies of all time?

joel65913 said...

Shirtless Sean does a bit to assuage the awfulness of yesterday but Sweet Jesus why is that man not in chains along with the rest of his evil lot?!