Monday, January 04, 2021

Good 2021, World

Hello everybody, and Happy 2021! MNPP Manor has reopened its gates after a long holiday quarantine and we're back to hosting nonsense for the New Year! I hope everyone is doing well, healthy safe and sound, and you had a nice couple of weeks without me. Well without me if you don't follow me on Twitter anyway, because I was per usual all over that mess of an app. And loving every messy minute. If you did happen to miss it that tweet above became, by many many thousands, my most liked and retweeted tweet of ever -- what a way to start the new year; by swiping content from an actor's wife and getting all its glory.

My tweet got more likes than her Instagram post, for god's sake! How does that even happen? Well I hope this alleviates an iota of my thievery and y'all go follow Oscar Isaac's wife Elvira Lind, she's a filmmaker all on her own and worth following even when not posting photos of her husband and his best friend locked in an erotic embrace.  Anyway. Happy Monday. As I say every return-from-break-day I'll probably be slow-going as I resituate myself so maybe set your expectations to medium-cool and we'll see what shakes.

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