Friday, December 11, 2020

The Huhs Are Alive in the Fields of Ireland

I've got another review up today at my new home-away-from-home Pajiba, but I must warn you at the outset that this review has BIG BIG SPOILERS contained in it, so if you don't want to have this film's literally insane WTF revelation spoiled for you beforehand do not read the review until after you're seen the film. Okay. You got that? So the film I speak of is Moonstruck screenwriter and Doubt playwright John Patrick Shanley's Irish-eyes-be-crazy romance called Wild Mountain Thyme, starring Jamie Dornan and Emily Blunt as the boy and the girl next door, respectively. DOT DOT DOT, OR ARE THEY??? Oh my god I am getting ahead of myself. THIS MOVIE, you guys. I found a lot to say about it but I don't even know WHAT to say. Click here to read the, again, spoiler-stuffed review. Me... I am just gonna go find an ass to stare at for awhile.


Carl said...

Oh man I couldn't even make it through the trailer, and that was before I knew of the lovers' apian obstacles.

dre said...

Not at gunpoint would I watch this BUT I give you props for that clever spoiler.