Tuesday, December 15, 2020

10 Off My Head: Getting Into Jake's Pants

Happy Day 2 of Jake Week, where we're celebrating Jake Gyllenhaal's 40th birthday this upcoming Saturday with a different Top 5 list every single day. Yesterday I shared with you a list of my favorite crazy-pants performances from Mr. G that had him flailing his psycho-stick around for our enjoyment -- well today I am going a little simpler on the one hand, in that this is an ode to the outfits his personhood has slipped into and made iconic, and a little less simpler on the other because I couldn't pick just five. I had to double it. There are too many to choose from! (Sidenote: I tried to talk about actual memorable clothes here -- the time will come for a list of Jake being naked, don't worry.)

My 10 Favorite Jake Gyllenhaal Costumes

His skeleton hoodie costume in Donnie Darko

The Santa hat & thong combo from Jarhead

His blue-shirted Brokeback ensemble

His white boxing shorts in Stronger

His blue polo in Lovely & Amazing

The Mysterio Cape!
(Spider-twink included)

The tight-buttoned dress shirts in Prisoners

The buffalo-plaid in Nocturnal Animals
(Aaron Johnson included)

The business-to-casual red suspenders in Demolition

That open cream shawl he wore
 to showcase his Persia bosoms


Runners-up: Jake in uniform in End of Watch
the Bubble in Bubble Boy, the 
art snobbery in Velvet Buzzsaw, the jean shorts in Okja

What are your favorite Jake costumes?


Anonymous said...

Oh man, this is turning me on way too much

J.D. said...

You gotta love the costumes on him. Super sexy!

Suppabuddho said...

I feel like his legs do not get enough appreciation. Jake has such brawny legs, yet his chest, face, arms, shoulders... sorry, where was I? Oh, right. Dude has a sturdy set of stems on him is all I'm saying.

Aquinas1220 said...

I agree with Suppa above. Jake's delicious thighs need more love. Just check them out in those tights (Spiderman outfit)