Wednesday, October 21, 2020

13 Rats of Halloween #3

Today's chapter of our "13 Rats of Halloween" series is a terrific cheat by yours truly -- last year I counted down the "13 Cakes of Halloween" and did a post about this scene in the 1983 thriller Of Unknown Origin, and now here I am doing it again! Sue me -- when life hands you a scene that involves both Rats and Cakes you use it for lists about Rats and Cakes -- that's always been my motto and thankfully now my motto finally makes sense. I'm not crazy! 

Unlike Peter Weller in this movie -- this whole movie's a Rat Paradise honestly. If you're unaware the premise is "A rat in his new house drives Peter Weller crazy." That's it! Simple, but effective. Especially to any neatnik. I just bought the blu-ray a couple of months ago, I should give it a re-watch. It's one of John Waters' favorites! Here's the hilarious birthday cake scene in full:


Anonymous said...

I don’t mind mice or rats actually. I think cockroaches and other bugs are way worse.

Jason Adams said...

Agreed, Anon!

Anonymous said...

What is happening in that pic with the toilet? Why is he holding his crotch?