Thursday, September 03, 2020

You Know Who He Is!

The 2020 edition of the New York Film Festival has just revealed their poster for this year's fest and HOLY BALLS it was designed by my patron saint John Waters and it's the greatest thing I have ever in my entire long long too long life ever seen. (click the image above to embiggen) The "Fewer Films Than Toronto!" is cracking me the hell up, as is every corner and line. "Wait in line with intellectuals!" LOL. You can buy the poster right here. Here's Waters talking about the design:

"Since none of my films were ever chosen to be in the New York Film Festival, I was thrilled to be asked to design this year’s poster. I always knew I’d get my ass in there somehow! What better way to show my respect and irreverence for this prestigious event than to bring along Globe Poster, Baltimore’s famous press that promoted the best rock-and-roll shows all over America for decades? Trashy? Classic? Maybe it’s all the same in 2020 when we have to reinvent moviegoing itself.”

The NYFF also has JW program a double-feature for their Drive-In screening series, and sure enough it's a fuckin' wonder to behold:

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