Wednesday, September 02, 2020

Quote of the Day

“I could say, ‘Yeah, I gangbanged,’ and people would still be like, ‘I don’t know. She seems twee.’ It doesn’t really matter what I do, so I feel pretty free at this point.”

-- That is of course the twee gangbanger called Miranda July, director of the films Me and You and Everyone We Know, The Future, and this month's Kajillionaire, which hits on September 18th. (Watch the trailer for Kajillionaire at this link). July is talking to Vulture for a big profile, check it here -- I have read so many interviews with July over the years and this is one of them! I just mean what she said above -- that you probably have to already be vibing on what she offers in order to vibe on what she's offering. Thankfully, we vibe! Cannot wait for Kajillionaire. In related news I totally missed her Instagram project with Margaret Qualley way back in December, which she talks about a bunch in this interview; if you did as well here check out the first piece...

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