Monday, September 14, 2020

Quote of the Damn Day

Just once let Jake Gyllenhaal look at me like he's looking at Denis Villenueve there and I can hari-kari myself into happy nothingness right then. That's all I need. It's like that song "Just One Look" only with my intestines falling out at the end. Anyway news comes today via IndieWire's podcast that Jake and his Enemy / Prisoners director are talking about re-teaming up, a third time, once all this Dune brouhaha has died down anyway. I don't have the exact quote because I'm not listening to a whole damn podcast right now and they weren't decent enough to quote him at that link, but whatever he said it's today's Quote of the Damn Day, whatever it was. Well unless he said, "Denis and me are gonna work together but first I have to make sure that Jason Adams dies sad and poor," but I feel like somebody would have let me know if he said all that by now. On that note I feel as if I should re-watch Prisoners? I was never as enamored with it as I was with Enemy, their other collaboration, but perhaps I will be now? 


Owen said...

Prisoners was like a bad Law and Order episode. Enemy wasn’t perfect but way better and more interesting.

Mikey said...

I feel like Jake Gyllenhaal is a very empathetic person, who genuinely admires his costars (and has a lot of respect for everyone in general).

This is why it's so easy to believe in a romance/bromance with Tom Holland, Denis, etc.

John T. said...

Reteaming, dear. Sweet Jesus, not "re-teaming up."