Monday, September 28, 2020

Putting the Man in Mangrove

That is a photo of the actor Malachi Kirby, who has a good sized-role in director Steve McQueen's new film Mangrove, otherwise known as "the first fifth of his Small Axe miniseries" which is premiering on Amazon & BBC in November. That is not a photo of Malachi Kirby in Mangrove; this is a photo of Malachi Kirby in Mangrove...

... but you can see why I led with the shirtless photo. That said for the second time in a very brief morning I am admitting I don't know where a shirtless picture's coming from -- if you know what that top shot of Mr. Kirby is from feel free to share in the comments. My main point with this post is to direct you to my review of Mangrove at The Film Experience, which went up on Friday when it screened as part of the New York Film Fest. Well that and to tell everybody we should definitely know who Malachi Kirby is, too.

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black mirror [men against fire]