Tuesday, September 01, 2020

Love(craft) First

This week's "Horror Actressing" post over at The Film Experience is going all in for the queen of Stuart Gordon's Lovecraft machine, Barbara Crampton in 1985's Re-Animator, a film which I have found myself watching and re-watching here in 2020 more than any other movie -- it's on Shudder (although the recent Arrow bluray is also killer!), it's only 85 minutes long, and it is crazy enough to make a person forget how crazy the real world is for a minute. Eighty-five of them actually. 2020's turning into a banner year as far as Lovecraft goes, what with the HBO series, the Kristen Stewart movie, and the Old Ones rising from the earth and enslaving the entire human population oh wait that happens in November. Let's put a pin in that for the moment. Man I love Barbara Crampton, don't you?

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