Wednesday, September 09, 2020

Good Morning, World

This morning's "Good Morning" was inspired by Beach Rats actor Harris Dickinson's quotes in a new interview with The Guardian talking about his willingness, as exampled by that 2017 film in particular, to show skin on-screen:

“I was up for it, man,” he shrugs. “Female nudity has been part of cinema throughout history so I didn’t mind balancing the playing field.”... “It’s gonna have to stop, innit?” he says with a bashful laugh. “Then again, I don’t know how much longer my body’s gonna be in decent shape, so I might as well embrace it while it lasts. The older years will have to be a bit more covered up.”

We love you, Harris! And we'll still want to stare at you naked even when you're old and saggy, I promise. He's got two movies coming out soon-ish, one more than the other I guess -- County Lines (a drama about a young boy groomed for criminality) is out this month in the UK at least, and then the prequel The King's Man; I shared the trailer for the latter here. I keep forgetting that that film is weirdly not out until February though. They gave us that trailer so early! Anyway since y'all have been good I have three NSFW Beach Rats gifs for you right here on after the jump...

That last gif might seem confusing for a second 
but if you keep a keen eye peeled I promise you, it is rewarding.

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Anonymous said...

Ok ever since Beach Rats came out on DVD (I own a copy) I've wondered. That last gif? Am I the only one who thinks it's erect? Or is that just wishful thinking. Either way it was an amazing performance,