Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Good Morning, World

Much thanks to Pose actor Dyllon Burnside for sharing these snaps on his Insta for our "Good Morning" today -- Dyllon is one of our favorite actors on the show even if he's sort of gotten criminally little to do during its two seasons in favor of some less talented folks. Give Ricky more, Pose! For one he can actually dance, unlike... well I'll be nice, I suppose. Pose is supposed to come back for another season isn't it? I haven't been keeping track. There are parts I really like and parts I really really do not (which do not seem to overlap with other people -- for instance I am fine here on my lonely hating-Billy-Porter island, safe in the knowledge that I Am Right) but I'll probably keep watching anyway. 


Ryan T. said...

Definitely will be a S3. Filming was interrupted due to COVID. The most recent update is that they'll start filming again in October.

The show is slightly uneven, but some characters/plots are just SO good I don't care.

bdog said...

You, Sir, are not alone on that island.