Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Good Morning and Entire Wednesday, World

We've got more photos from Alexander Skarsgard's new L'uomo Vogue photo-shoot! I shared the cover image with you yesterday and then last night, right before I took off for the day, these other equally dreamy photos appeared. And since I knew I was off today (more on that in a sec) I saved them for a treat this morning. If I had to hazard a guess I'd guess that this is what he might look like, roughly, in Robert Eggers' forthcoming Viking movie?  Just, you know, less long-underwear and more Viking-ier. 

Anyway back to the whole "me being off today" thing -- I am taking the day off to catch up on NYFF screeners / reviews! I will also be doing this one day next week. Hey it's less time than I normally take off during NYFF,  given the virtual aspect of screenings this time around. So you just sit here staring at these Alex pictures for 24 straight hours and I'll be back tomorrow with new shit, I promise. For now all the Alex is after the jump...

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