Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Two Eyes For Seeing With

I've been even worse than usual about keeping up with Film Festival news this year, because it's all so all over the map -- drive-in screenings, virtual cinemas, the filmmakers will come and play-act out the movie for you on your front lawn -- and digging into those sorts of details just don't interest me. Dates and numbers, blah! I just wanna watch and write about some movies, dang it. And it's been real easy to use the pandemic as a way to dig into something I never have time to do, which is re-watch old movies I've been wanting to re-watch for ages. I have done a lot of that, and a lot of just letting the noise of whatever's happening out there become noise. (In my defense there's a lot of noise in the world right now.)

That's how I to my great frustration missed out on covering whatever went on with Tribeca earlier this year, as well as the currently ongoing Fantasia Fest in Montreal this year after several years of covering that, that's why I haven't mentioned that NYC's LGBT fest called NewFest just recently announced they'll be fully online come October (you can check out their website here though), and I guess that's why I missed that Los Angeles' LGBT film fest called OutFest (also currently ongoing) was also this year going entirely digital, and open to people outside of L.A. Has anybody been keeping up with it? 

The Closing Night movie is from director Travis Fine and called Two Eyes and it looks (heh get it, cuz eyes) interesting -- it's apparently a triptych of stories and you can read about it here. And that doesn't drop online until August 30th so I actually beat that one to the punch! Here's the teaser trailer for it:

Anyway I have every intention of getting my shit together for the New York Film Festival come October -- I refuse to mess up that, at least. (I have already posted about what NYFF is preparing, right here.) This year won't be an entire wash, at least. Have any of you participated in any of the virtual film festivals this year? Have you gone to a screening? I am sad that drive-ins aren't an option for me here in NYC (without a car); I'd kill to do a drive-in. I re-watched Peter Bogdonovich's Targets recently and it put me in the mood!

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Shawny said...

It would be an expense, but you could rent a car and go to the drive in. Just thought I’d offer that idea:)