Thursday, August 13, 2020

Pics of the Day

No he might not be naked peeing into a lake like we'd gotten used to seeing Joel Kinnaman this week, but he is looking fine all the same in the first images from The Secrets We Keep, a forthcoming post-WWII thriller he's starring in opposite Noomi rapace and Chris Messina, which EW just shared. You can read more about it at that link (the film is hitting some theaters on September 16th and then VOD in October) but the gist is the movie's about a woman who was tortured in the Holocaust stumbling upon the man she believes to be her torturer (Kinnaman) years later -- Messina plays the husband, as Chris Messina is prone to do, and we understand why. Look at him in his vintage trousers for god's sake! Perfect Hubby Material.

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