Thursday, August 27, 2020

I Might Have Known it Would Be Red

Today the New York Film Festival announced their "Spotlight" line-up, which includes the new film by Sofia Coppola starring Bill Murray; a documentary about voter suppression here in the US as well as one about police brutality in France; Spike Lee's concert film showcasing David Byrne's stage-show American Utopia; a doc about an unearthed conversation about filmmaking between Orson Welles and Dennis Hopper, and drumroll please Pedro Almodovar's short-film English-language debut called The Human Voice starring Tilda Swinton in an adaptation of a Jean Cocteau story. I have talked about the latter a lot! Anyway you can read all of that on the NYFF's website, but here I've got the very first, very brief, but stunningly red clip from Almodovar's film for you to check out!

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