Tuesday, August 04, 2020

Are You Not the Greta Gerwig Fan

Listen, this is just a fact -- I was a fan of Greta Gerwig before you were. I don't care if you are Joe Swanberg, the director of Greta's first movie reading this; hell I don't care if you are Greta's mother reading this! I am her first fan, my love is longer and lovelier than yours, and she's mine! Mine dammit! That baby of hers ain't got nothin' on me! And in the spirit of that particular insanity I invite you to go read my ode to her work in Ti West's 2009 horror film The House of the Devil today, here on the occasion of her 37th birthday. Is so good! And then we will all join hands and summon whatever unholy power we must in order to get Greta back in front of the camera again. It's been too, too long.

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