Thursday, August 06, 2020

5 Off My Head: Queen Charlize

Tomorrow the queen called Charlize will be turning 45 years awesome, and since I won't be online tomorrow -- Summer Fridays dontcha know -- I feel like celebrating her today. I've watched three Charlize movies during quarantine -- a re-watch of Mad Max Fury Road (yup still kicks all kinds of unholy arse) plus first-time viewings of her new Netflix joint The Old Guard (which I totally dug) and last year's political rom-com Long Shot with Seth Rogen, which was far funnier than I anticipated. I should've known those two wouldn't shovel shit in my face and tell me to smile. Anyway I was a little shocked after a cursory glance through our archives told me I've never done this before but there's no time like the present...

My 5 Favorite Charlize Performances

Aileen Wuornos, Monster (2003)
"I always wanted to be in the movies."
Furiosa, Mad Max Fury Road (2015)
"Out here everything hurts."
Marlo, Tully (2018)
"People used to eat flour back then."
Lorraine Broughton, Atomic Blonde (2017)
"I'm my own bitch now!"
Mavis Gary, Young Adult (2011)
"Theater fag is an expression, Buddy."

What's your fave Charlize?


schmiedepaul said...

Mavis x

Matty said...

Agreeing with the user above me, Theron hasn't topped Young Adult for me personally. I also enjoy Monster and Tully, but Young Adult's Mavis was such a great, breath of fresh air in terms of letting female characters be "unlikable" and allowed Theron to shine. IMO she deserved a Best Actress nod and, as an aside, Diablo Cody should've also gotten another Best Original Screenplay nod for this too.

Rosa Moline said...

Patton Oswalt did, too.

Mike Johnson said...

Her performance in "The Devil's Advocate" was a case study in showing a woman go insane. The movie around her is underrated camp, but her performance grounds the movie. Her pain is just so real in this. Take her performance out of that movie and place it in something more "artsy" and she would have gotten all of the awards very early in her career.

Unknown said...

I'd have given the Oscar to Theron for Young Adult (over the also un-nominated Dunst and Swinton). Mavis forever.