Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Killer Sputniks From Outer Space

I have about thirteen reviews of excellent upcoming horror movies to write if I could get my head outta my bum (or rather Aaron Taylor-Johnson's bum) today so you'll excuse me for sighing with relief when I just noticed that IFC's forthcoming and terrific sci-fi horror flick Sputnik isn't actually out until August 14th. I thought it was sooner! Phew! But honestly, without breaking embargo or anything you should slap Sputnik into your August calendars right now, it's very much worth seeking out when it goes VOD. I'm also shocked to see its director Egor Abramenko is a first-timer -- this is one accomplished looking and well-paced movie. Anyway Sputnik tells a story that's been told several times before -- an astronaut comes back from outer space with an unexpected hitch-hiker tagging along, and all hell breaks loose -- but it squeezes enough tension and Monster Movie Ookiness from that to set it aside from the pack. Trailer:

Sputnik hits VOD on August 14th!

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