Wednesday, July 01, 2020

James Marsden One Time

I mentioned this last week but in anticipation of the new miniseries (which stars James Marsden and Alexander Skarsgård, among many) I just finished re-reading Stephen King's plague book The Stand for the first time in a couple of decades, and since finishing it I've been trying to re-watch the 1994 mini-series... but man oh man is it terrible, you guys. Just terrible. 

Unspeakably bad! I think I've made it about three hours in now and I have somewhat given up -- we'll see if I manage to make it any further. It's ruining all of my enjoyment from reading the book at this point though! And there are more important things to watch right now -- I just finally started Dark on Netflix last night, for instance. Anyway either way I'm looking forward to the miniseries later this year which will hopefully improve upon Mick Garris' train-wreck -- I don't see how it could be worse! Yadda yadda Vanity Fair has a brand new chat with Jimmy Marsden up today (which includes that picture up top) and all he has to say about The Stand in it is about its place against the current real world situation with COVID:

"I know that the filmmakers want to handle it with the utmost respect for the situation. Obviously, there's been a lot of life lost through all of this. I hope somehow it resonates in a positive way and not in a reckless way.”

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Anonymous said...

I just started s2 of Dead to Me so I'm getting a lot of Marsden time, although he's not shirtless nearly enough (like, maybe never, actually?).