Thursday, July 09, 2020

Good Morning, World

Today we'd like to wish a happy 38th birthday to the actor Toby Kebbell, with some gifs I can't believe I've never posted before -- Toby starred in what I think might be my favorite episode of Black Mirror, or at least it's the one I remember freaking me out the most, the one called "The Entire History of You" from the show's very first season, when the hot first-person sex-scene with Hot Toby Kebbell...

... was revealed to be this weird computer simulation. 
and they smash cut from the above to this horror:

Jinkies! Terrifying. Anyway that's when I really knew I loved Black Mirror, the end. Are there new Black Mirror episodes coming any time soon? The show hasn't been nearly as good since it switched over to Netflix but here and there you get something that still shocks and surprises. And of course "San Junipero" is really The Best, if not actually The Scariest. Hit the jump for a couple more Kebbell gifs...


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verbocity said...

Where is RocknRolla 2? Guy Ritchie said he was going to make it and must absolutely be held to that promise! Take him to court: no directing anything until RocknRolla 2 is on screen!