Wednesday, July 08, 2020

Good Morning, World

Plowing through the current, third season of Search Party last night the boyfriend and I seemed to reach an impasse where it comes to the actor John Reynolds, who plays Drew -- a recurring gag has become girls throwing themselves at him and the bf was like, "Straight women have such weird taste." He turned to me, expecting agreement, and instead I sheepishly averted my eyes... I love John Reynolds! And Boyfriend clearly wasn't paying attention the several times I previously admitted such! I mean clearly the high chest hair is doing a lot of heavy lifting here but I love me a good tall dweeb in top siders, I can't help it. We all have our things. Anyway we will work through this, don't worry about us, and watch the remaining three episodes of Search Party tonight I imagine. Until then hit the jump, I made some JR gifs from the season so far...

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Mike Johnson said...

Perfectly sexy otter body, ala Emile Hirsch and Jack Falahee.