Tuesday, July 07, 2020

Good Morning, World

A very happy 44 to Hamish Linklater, who I've been very happy to see carve out a nice niche character actor career for himself ever since he first popped (and popped some more) onto my radar with Miranda July's marvelous (and weirdly at this point I think under-appreciated) sophomore movie The Future. Hamish had already been working for a decade on-screen by that point -- and probably longer on stage since he does a lot of work on stage here in New York -- but leave it to Miranda's off-kilter eye to capture him a new way.

Since then he's best been used by Noah Hawley on TV, with Fargo and Legion -- I found Legion often incoherent and morbidly infatuated with itself but Hamish was a highlight playing a scarred homosexual villain, by far. And I didn't actually mean to do another post about upcoming The Stand miniseries (see yesterday's post here) but there it was on Hamish's IMDb page -- he's playing Dick Ellis, the veterinarian turned town doctor, for an episode. It's not the showiest role but it'll be good to see his face. It always is.

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Barry said...

He is hilarious on THE NEW ADVENTURES OF OLD CHRISTINE and I love him in his arc on THE NEWSROOM. Definitely robbed of a Guest Actor Emmy nomination for that show.