Monday, July 20, 2020

Good Morning, World

Do you guys follow Logan Marshall-Green on Instagram? Over the course of the pandemic quarantine he's been leading daily (I think) meditation sessions on there -- I say "I think" because I didn't really keep up with them, I'm not the meditating type (who could've guessed, what with me being a nervous wreck ninety-seven percent of the time?), but it was always nice when I'd stumble across them. Nice as in "Oh look that is still happening, a sense of normalcy, ahhh." Anyway I could really use some meditation this Monday because I've got a billion chores to get done after having taken off half the week last week, so we'll see how today goes. No promises. Pay attention to Logan Marshall-Green if you want promises.

1 comment:

Frank said...

Mislabeled, right? Surely that’s a picture of Tom Hardy from a few years ago?!?

I kid...