Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Good Morning, World

One of my "many" "vital" "accomplishments" over my several-day birthday break last week was that I plowed through the entirety of the new series Brave New World starring Alden Ehrenreich, which I spoke of several times leading up to its release -- see the trailer here -- did any of you watch it? I tweeted a little, opinion-wise, but basically I dug the show more than the general critical consensus that formed beforehand, which was not positive -- granted my standards might have been particularly low last week since I was just trying to hide from the world but it worked! It kept me hidden!

That was a problem, but not enough to derail the otherwise successful distraction the show offered. Anyway I liked the world it created -- it seemed realistic, that society would gladly dope itself into obliviousness, as I sat there hiding in my apartment watching nine hours of a sci-fi series in the middle of a pandemic, imagine that. And it never went too far up its own hoo-ha like Westworld -- I liked that, too. I liked the characters, who were allowed to be goofy, and not like Westworld's ponderously grim cavalcade of whisperers. The costumes were always good for a chuckle. I recommend it! Anyway I made a thousand gifs of Alden Ehrenreich after the jump, the end...


joel65913 said...

I watched one and a half episodes but just couldn't get into it. But then sci-fi isn't one of my favorite genres.

ferretrick said...

Watched the first episode last night. Meh. I'll watch more, but my first question was how did they make a 9 episode series out of a pretty short book and now I know. Utterly glacial pacing.