Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Chris Hemsworth is Wearing That Suit

I don't know if I posted this or not back in 2019 but I don't recall doing so and really, if it's a second time, who's it gonna hurt? I'd argue it's the opposite of hurt. This is help. Help! I am helping you people by (re) posting this video of Chris Hemsworth interviewing himself for British GQ back in 2019, as well as posting several more gifs of it over on MNPP's Tumblr. You are welcome. Happy Tuesday.


indifferent pointy guy said...

that was an incredibly difficult comic tone to pull off: played totally straight but still nailing the punchlines.

Shawny said...

There’s so many other actors out there who are way more interesting than him. His talents do not merit the lead roles he gets. I don’t hate him, just meh about him.