Thursday, June 18, 2020

Tom Hardy One Time

(pic via) Now there's a lap of luxury. As in, a lap worth luxuriating in. On. Under and above. So forth. You get the idea. Anyway you guys wanna hear something weird? Something... else... weird, that is, I suppose. I don't know if y'all caught me semi-live-tweeting Tom Hardy's film Capone about a month ago (I'll link it up down below if you'd like to catch up) but I was at the time quite flabbergasted by the movie, as most people seemed to be. It got real bad reviews. Real bad. And I felt similarly of the WTF nature. And... yet. Here we are a month later and I kind of think about Capone once a day? It'll just sneak itself in there and my mind will boggle anew, and with each new boggling I begin to get a tingle, then more boggle and tingle, more boggle and tingle, and...

... god help me yes my point is I'm real close to deciding I might love Capone. It's just SO WEIRD but it so clearly knows it's being SO WEIRD that I feel, despite my best instincts, an embattled affection developing. I sort of did the second it was over, which is why I never got around to properly reviewing it. Clearly I will have to watch the movie a second time in order to decide if this is just The Quarantine Crazies talking or what, but I just thought I should take the healthy opportunity afforded us by the new photo of Tom's boxing belt up top to share my unhealthy little snowballing side-obsession. Perhaps you can talk me out of this. Please?

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Frank said...

I was surprised to read that Josh Trank directed “Capone”. Someone actually hired him after the FF debacle, huh? I also read something about someone “pooping the bed”. Trank was bad enough... but “pooping the bed” is enough to make be skip the movie.