Tuesday, June 09, 2020

Jaeden Martell Six Times

Are any of you watching Defending Jacob on Apple TV+? I feel like I should because I like Mr. Martell here well enough at this point in his career -- St. Vincent, Knives Out, Midnight Special, The Lodge, Masters of Sex, and being one of the good parts of the oft-bad It movies is a hell of a resume for a 17-year-old -- and oh right it also stars Chris Evans. A bearded Chris Evans at that! And everybody loves a possibly psycho teenager story -- I don't care what you say, everybody loves that. (All that and Bonus Points for Lady Mary.)

Anyway I am not watching Defending Jacob yet, but I feel as if I should give it a twirl, and this is me asking if you think that's a good idea. This is also me sharing Jaeden's new interview with and photo-shoot  for Interview Magazine, over here -- guess who they have him chat with? Here's a clue: his name rhymes with This Heavens. While you work that out the rest of us are gonna hit the jump for the rest of this photo-shoot...

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Frank said...

I’ve watched a few episodes but it’s poorly written so it’s difficult slogging through it.