Monday, June 22, 2020

Good Morning, World

Hello and Happy Monday to you all. I am writing this post to you from my couch, where I have more or less spent the last 100 days -- as of today actually 101 -- in isolation due to, you know, the plague. The ongoing plague I should add. I add "ongoing" because once I have finished writing this post I am to get off this couch, take a shower, get dressed, and then go climb onto the subway and go to my office for the first time in three months, all while there's still a plague happening. I am very nervous!

Anyway once I do get to my office -- if a panic attack doesn't strike me down beforehand, anyway -- I'm not sure what sort of a "work day" it will be, so posting might be kind of erratic. After three months there are probably i's that need their dots and t's that need their little lines slashed violently through their necks. So y'all just enjoy these shots of the actor Vincent Cassell in the 2018 movie The Great Mystical Circus until I can reappear -- poof, voila! -- is my point. This is gonna be a weird ass day.


Chris said...

Be safe!!

Shawny said...

It’s a bundemic!