Tuesday, June 09, 2020

Good Morning, World

This one's a random one and don't ask me how I came upon it, I don't recall -- in 1982 a pilot was filmed for a TV series called Callahan that was going to star the Terror Train two-some of the dreamboat Hart Bochner (he'd play the dude in distress in Supergirl a couple of years later and win my eternal fandom) and Jamie Lee Curtis. It was about a rogue adventurer of the Indiana Jones sort and his put-upon assistant slash Girl Friday, and if you're curious about its tone know that it was created by the dude who that same year directed Airplane II: The Sequel. That is to say it's hammy as fuck. And yet Hart Bochner looks really good...

... he is Hart Bochner in 1982 after all. And Jamie Lee Curtis is Jamie Lee Curtis, and damn if she isn't giving it her all. Am I nuts that I was charmed by Callahan? If this had been a Saturday morning serial that aired in the mid-80s when I was a little kid I can tell you that I would have been straight up obsessed with this show. They apparently aired the pilot on TV because there are comments on its YouTube page and its IMDb page from people who remembered seeing it -- I don't know why it never got picked up but there's an entire podcast (which I have not listened to) on the subject at this link. I should add I haven't listened to it yet. I'm probably going to listen to it right now because my interest is piqued. Now you, you waste half an hour of your morning watching this entertaining shit:
And after the jump a few more gifs 
because why the hell not, we're here...


Gian said...

Any and all Hart Bochner GIFs are always appreciated.

verbocity said...

Hart Bochner Apartment Zero Swoon...!

Shane said...

Hubby and I just watched this earlier this year!
Love me some prime Hart.

George G said...

Did you ever see all these shots of vintage Hart Bochner in a speedo? Delisyussss!


In other news I cant believe we're both still blogging. And on Blogger, no less!