Thursday, June 25, 2020

Everything You Ever Need To Know About Life...

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Dogtooth (2009)

Father: If you don't drink your orange juice 
while it's fresh, it's no use.

A happy New York 10 to Yorgos Lanthimos' film Dogtooth, which opened here in my city on this day in 2010 after several months of bouncing around the world with film fests and the like. I'm guessing I didn't see it until it hit home video though, because I didn't review it until December of that year? I don't know. Who can remember when and where they saw things? I'm so bad at that sort of thing unless, like, Angela Bassett is sitting beside me or something. 

Anyway it sort of feels like Yorgos has, in the ten years since, become his own genre -- look at Hulu's The Great, which was only written by the guy who also wrote The Favourite, for proof. And I can't think of a more unlikely success story in all my days than this one. Who watched Dogtooth in 2010 and said to themselves, "We've got a hit! This guy's gonna be gobbling up Oscar winners and getting copycatted left and right in less than a decade!" And yet, here we are, and Nicholas Hoult is loosing his buns for this, and I am all in. Yorgos-flavored everything for all of my days, please. In related news aww look at this cute picture of the Favourite cast on set:

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