Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Today's Fanboy Delusion

Today I'd rather be...

... working up a sweat with Paul Mescal.

I just want it on the record here that I have been having a real hard and conflicting time with the sort of photos that used to bring me such joy, such as these -- the Normal People star is clearly a big crush of mine after slamming through all the episodes of that phenom new series in a day and a half (see all our posts so far) and these athletic short-shorts were clearly and precisely built in a laboratory for me and me specifically to freak out about... and yet! I am so fucking tense about people wearing masks in public -- yes even while jogging; I jogged with a mask on this morning and so were most of my fellow joggers -- and social distancing that I'm having trouble not having all of these old pleasures ruined for me. It took me a ton of effort not to question that Jonathan Tucker photo this morning. It's a tense time!


Ryan T. said...

Not to defend him, but I'm assuming he's in the UK now and not the US, because I heard they don't make masks mandatory over there. It's still nuts, but if no one else is wearing them there... why would he?

If he's in the US though (esp. NY) then yeah... forget everything I said above.

Anonymous said...

Perfect hairy legs and nice bulge.