Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Pics of the Day

Vanity Fair has our very first look at the new -- And timely! Gotta say timely! -- adaptation of Stephen King's The Stand, which finished filmed this past March right before COVID shut the world down; actually they say they had to stop filming four days early, but still -- how about that timing for a miniseries about a pandemic shutting down the entire world? That's some uncanniness right there. VF has a few more pictures but I grabbed the ones of a seriously bearded Alexander Skarsgard, who's playing the big bad Randall Flagg -- I so would end up following him wouldn't I? Oh well. We all make choices! Speaking of choices -- should I re-read The Stand right now? I haven't read it in twenty years and I feel like there's no time, literally none, like The Present. Sheesh. Anyway CBS plans on premiering this mini-series this fall, so get yourselves ready for that.


Frank said...

While I’m sure Alex will be terrific, his character looks like he spends too much time in a beauty parlor chair.

tony libido said...

Might as well read King's extended version which was published, I dunno, maybe 15 years ago?

No big differences, just MORE