Friday, May 01, 2020

Everything You Ever Need To Know About Life...

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Annella: A handsome young knight is madly in love with a princess, and she too is in love with him, though she seems not to be entirely aware of it. Despite the friendship that blossoms between them, or perhaps because of that very friendship, the young knight finds himself so humbled and speechless that he is totally unable to bring up the subject of his love. Until one day he asks the princess point-blank: Is it better to speak or to die? 

I thought I'd CMBYN'd myself out for this quarantine when I live-tweeted the movie the other week but I just noticed that today is the great Amira Casar's 49th birthday and how can we not mention our beloved Mrs. Perlman?

If you'd like to read a few of my (many many many endless) thoughts on specifically Amira Casar's work in the movie click here. I said this the other day but if Luca does indeed make the sequel movie he needs to know that eliminating Annella altogether, like the sequel book does, would be unacceptable. She deserves love too!


Frank said...

I tried to listen to the audio book read by Armie. It was difficult because the “pain” of the unrequited passion was so strong that I’d want to cry.

Mirko said...

I’m very glad there is this love for her perf, which it’s one of the elements of the film I love more. Of course it was too unshowy for awards season but cinephile love luckily follows other rules. I think that Mastro Guadagnino really loves this character so I’m pretty confident we’ll see her in the announced sequel