Friday, May 15, 2020

Dune Dune Dune (To The Tune of Dun dun DUN)

Hey look we've got a brand new picture of one Mister Timothee Chalamet in Mister Denis Villenueve's forthcoming motion picture Dune! It's the second one this week (see the other one here) and it's coming to us via the website Nerdist (click to embiggen; thanks Mac). This one has less Josh Brolin bulge but a closer view of Timmy's luscious locks, so it's a draw, probably. The bigger nerds among you will want to note the glowy-knuckled future-tech on Timmy's right hand where he's clutching the dagger -- it's called science! I hope he takes that thing off when he molests fruits, anyway. And, scene.

1 comment:

Dave R said...

Sorry, he'll get a bit spicy in Dune, but there won't be any fruits.