Monday, May 11, 2020

And Now Some Love For Victor

That preview clip for Love, Victor, Hulu's series spun-off from the recent gay film Love, Simon, has been out for two weeks now so I assume some or perhaps even most of you have seen it already -- I only just got around to watching it this morning myself though, and I can't help but chuckle at the family friendly Helix Studios vibe that is just pouring off of it; should I say spurting off of it? Anyway what a world we live in now -- if my teenage self could see how far we've come! 

I was one of the people who really liked Love, Simon, even though I totally understand why it became the poster slash whipping boy for Normative White Gay Culture -- yes it's all of those things, but it's also awfully sweet and small-scale and well-acted. I think the film is pretty clearly critical of Simon's close-minded point of view... mostly. There's some wiggle-room. Anyway giving the series lead to the half-Puerto-Rican actor Michael Cimino is obviously a stab at batting back that criticism this time around -- I hope the show's good! That clip cracks me up! Love, Victor premieres on Hulu on June 19th.


Adrian C said...

looks funny and really important for teenagers, I mean gay characters are becoming the norm fortunately, but lead gay characters are still not that common I think, which is why I love stuff like this or that valentine movie the thing about harry.

Bill Carter said...

You nailed it with the "family-friendly Helix Studios vibe" description. That trailer could have been straight from a Helix video, leading up to a "Why don't we step into the back room and get you out of that dirty shirt" sequence.

I liked it. The "explosion" made me laugh.

I kept getting distracted by how closely Michael Cimino resembled My So-Called Life era Jared Leto, aka Jordan Catalano. said...

I liked the movie. You'll need a subscription to Hulu to watch. We'll see

Matty said...

Loved Simon and I'm definitely gonna check Victor too.

par3182 said...

michael cimino?? can't wait to see his heaven's gate

Eugene said...

I thought Love Simon was a lovely little film and one I wished had been around when I was growing up thinking there was nobody else like me. Honestly I think we gays in general seem to be the harshest critics when it comes to films about our life experiences. Imho we demand too much of our film makers. Just sayin.