Friday, April 24, 2020

Your Julian Morris Picture of the Day

Thanks to Chris Royal on Instagram (and to "yah" on Twitter for directing me to this) for sharing this photo of himself sharing a sofa with the actor Julian Morris and Julian Morris' uhh live-in good friend Landon Ross at Burning Man last year -- I feel like zooming in here is a necessity?

I have never in my life wanted to be within one thousand miles of Burning Man and yet I am sitting here looking at this photo and I am thinking to myself that maybe everything I have ever thought I have known about myself has been a mistake? An utter failure of imagination? I want to go to THIS Burning Man.

That could be the advertisement for Burning Man. Anyway props to Julian for finding further ways to drive those of us paying attention to this "is he or isn't he oh he definitely, definitely is" saga absolutely batty...


Anonymous said...

Oh to be a fly on that wall.

Mike Johnson said...

Just saw Julian in "Victor and Kelly" on Amazon Prime. Tough watch despite all the Julian nudity on display. Auto asphyxiation is not my cup of tea, but he is gorgeous and brilliant in it.