Friday, April 03, 2020

Our Suppliant Souls

"How long have we been on this rock? Five weeks? 
Two Days? Where are we? Help me to recollect." 

I'm far from the first person to mention this but Robert Eggers' film The Lighthouse -- aka my personal favorite movie of 2019 -- sure turned out to be a timely tale, what with us all now locked up in our own individual psycho cabins losing our collective shits. Who'da thunk last Novemby, innocent times then. (Sorry I always slip into mangled old-timey seaman talk when I talk about this movie, I can't help myself.) 

Anyway timely is as timely do, and Amazon is helping us all out by giving our fears slippery sea-foam shape and form, putting The Lighthouse onto their Prime streaming platform in two weeks, on April 16th. (You can rent it now, but it'll be totes free for Prime members that day.) And I had an idear!
I can only imagine, with some trepidation, what my mental state is going to be like after two more weeks of this... I might be screaming at Poseidon by then myself. But I know we've got to weather it, and longer even. So having a thing to look forward to might help? So let's pencil it in.

Join me on Twitter for a live  
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