Monday, April 20, 2020

Good Morning, World

Happy Monday, but more importantly -- have you guys seen Sam Claflin's abs lately? (pics via; thx Dennis) If he'd had these abs when he shot the Hunger Games movies I might not have been as totally annoyed that he got cast as Finnick. Actually that's not true I take that back, he's never going to be right for Finnick. God he was miscast in that role. That said I didn't come here to be mean to Mr. Claflin, I think he's been really very terrific in the last few movies I have seen him in -- Their Finest, My Cousin Rachel, and most especially his evil turn in The Nightingale. So abs away, Mr. Claflin.

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Mirko said...

I agree: he’s very effective in The Nghtingale, 15 minutes into the film and I really despised him. I could spend hours watching him having a shave