Friday, April 17, 2020

Good Morning, World

This morning we're saying "How do!" with these couple of group shots of Richard Gere & Friends showering in the 1979 WWII flick Yanks, which leapt onto my mind out of nowhere the other day -- "nowhere" meaning "random thoughts of Richard Gere wearing an army uniform" -- and refused to let go. That said I still, as of this second right now here today, have never seen this movie. I might change that today though, since I'm just sitting here. Maybe y'all will watch it too, we'll watch it together, and the world will heal itself through the sheer force of our united love. Maybe that! Who knows? Sure. That.

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Scott S said...

When my family first got HBO in the 80s I watching Yanks so many times I knew exactly at what points Richard Gere's nude scenes would come up and would tune to see them again and again and again