Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Everything You Ever Need To Know About Life...

... you can learn from:

Gattaca (1997)

Vincent: A year is a long time. 
Irene: Not so long. Just once around the sun. 

This quote from Gattaca feels meaningful to me this morning for three reasons. One, I was just struck a few days ago with a real strong urge to re-watch Gattaca, right around the time I re-watched David Cronenberg's film eXistenZ -- Jude Law and sci-fi gibberish of the late 90s, I suppose. Anyway I haven't re-watched Gattaca just yet but the time is nigh, real nigh, I think. 

The second reason this quote from Gattaca feels meaningful to me this morning is its relativity towards the concept of "Time" fits right in giving the quarantined state of existence we're all currently living under -- I find myself waking up every day from dreams full of vague crowds milling about, going nowhere, and then spend my days leashed to my couch watching the arc of the sun across the boards of my apartment floor. What is a year anyway?

The third and most important reason -- at least as far as this post's reason for being -- that this quote from Gattaca feels meaningful to me this morning is today is Uma Thurman's 50th birthday. And in case you didn't realize it since she's only worked sporadically over the last decade, Uma Thurman fucking rules. Here are my faves...

My 5 Favorite Uma Thurman Performances

Mia Wallace, Pulp Fiction

Beatrix Kiddo, Kill Bill 1 & 2

Poison Ivy, Batman & Robin
(And yes, I am being serious)

Cécile de Volanges, Dangerous Liaisons

Mrs. H, Nymphomaniac


What are your favorite Uma Thurman performances?


Anonymous said...

I liked her in The Truth About Cats & Dogs

ernesto66 said...

Truth About Cats and Dogs. She easily holds her own against Janeane Garofalo and that couldn't have been easy in a 90s comedy when she was at her peak (IMO).

T said...

Hysterical Blindness is truly heartbreaking. My favorite performance of hers for sure l :)

Countervail said...

No nod to Henry and June? I think it's her finest performance.

Jason Adams said...

I have never seen Henry & June or Hysterical Blindness! I know, I should.

Agreed on Truth About Cats & Dogs though -- what a wonderful movie that is. (Mmm Ben Chaplin too.)

Mirko said...

I also love her as Poison Ivy.

Fav perfs: Kill Bill, Pulp Fiction, Even the cowgirls get the blues

Anonymous said...

I have a soft spot for Even cowgirls get the blues.
And yes, The truth about cats and dos is a really good movie.

Anonymous said...

Gattaca feels even more frightfully meaningful in its depiction of a Future where only the fittest and not sick are allowed to work, to travel, to live...praying every day for this scenario to be kept as fantasy and fiction but i know already some places where your temperature is being measured before allowing you to go into a supermarket to buy food