Friday, April 03, 2020

Amit Rahav Three Times

Have you guys watched Unorthodox on Netflix yet? I recommended it earlier this week alongside some photos of Aaron Altaras, an actor on the show, and now I am checking back in after having binged the entire thing myself in one evening with some photos of another actor on the show -- this is Amit Rahav and he plays Yanky, the ultra-Orthodox arranged husband to the lead character Esti (a truly phenomenal Shira Haas), who the series follows as she runs away to Berlin to find herself. 

One of the finest things about this very fine show is how complicated Yanky's character ends up being -- he's not a villain, just a confused and brainwashed young man, and Rahav gives a moving performance himself as we watch him try to come to terms with this amazing woman he's found himself all tangled up with. Anyway I was surprised to find out that in real life Amit is an openly gay Israeli actor -- you should get a load of his Instagram, it's thirst trap central. Surprisingly the show ends up having a lot of queer characters too, so there's another reason to tune in. Go watch it now and tell me what you think!

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Anonymous said...

Amit Rahav is bisexual