Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Alexander Ludwig Six Times

While this isn't anywhere in the first thirty to forty pages of unfortunate shit brought about by The Great Plague of 2020 it's still a bit of a downer that I've been separated from my office computer, because my office computer contains my much heralded and decades-in-the-making "Gratuitous Files" -- the bottomless folders within folders alphabetized by name of all the menfolk from which I have long drawn my daily posts. (Same goes for my ability to change MNPP's top banner every week, as I don't have Photoshop or Illustrator installed on my home laptop.) Anyway I've been making due with what I can scrounge up here and there, like today -- somehow I've never posted these not altogether recent photos of Vikings actor Alexander Ludwig, which make for a real nice companion post to these photos of Alexander Ludwig that I shared back in 2015. (You'll seriously want to post on that link, I think.) And then hit the jump for the rest...

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